6 Best Tips To Get Your Hair Summer Ready

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The summers are already in and your plight for keeping your hair in the best condition is soon going to be on. The hot sand under your feet and the warm summer wind are enough to remind you regarding summer hacks for your hair. Considering the sweat and dirt in the air during the summers, keep your hair right becomes a task. The good news? We have here 6 summer hair tips that will not only ensure you grow hair faster but also help in dandruff removal. 

Overnight Hair Treatment

Long locks for the summer? Good idea! But it comes with numerous tasks that you need to undertake to ensure your long hair remains tidy and most importantly healthy. So as one of our summer hair tips, you can start by applying the right amount of conditioner and wrapping the towel around your hair all night long. You will be amazed to see your hair in soft, shiny, and non-frizzy condition when you wake up in the morning. This tough is not a one-night thing but a regular exercise that you need to practice. With time you will be able to see and feel the difference.

Avoid Heat Treatments

Natural hair is the best hair. Any kind of hair treatment that involves heat and burn should be avoided. Avoid usage of heated stylists’ equipment such as tongs and flat iron as it makes your hair breakable and frizzy.

Say No to Hot Oil Massage

Massaging your hair with hair oil takes you in a different level of heaven. It is that comforting, right? However, it makes your hair feeble and vulnerable to breaking. Thus, if you feel like going for a hair massage, consider using coconut oil in the room temperature. After your shampoo, your hair apply oil in small quantity from ends to the roots. Thereafter, rinse and use a conditioner. This will help hydrate your hair and give you a fresh look.

Protect Your Hair

There’s heat, sun, humidity that attacks your hair, especially during the summers. The summers are dreadful for the hair as it becomes dehydrated. Therefore, use a heat protector to protect your hair from the UV rays. There’s Hair Sanjeevani that is available online which you can use to nourish your hair. This also moisturizes and form a protective layer around your hair.  It is easy to order and easy to apply.

Wash Hair Less Often-Myth

Many of us believe that washing your hair, again and again, is not a good idea or practice. Contrary to belief, it actually removes toxins, chemicals, dust and smoke elements which affect your hair health. In fact, you should wash your hair daily or three to four times minimum per week using a mild shampoo which doesn’t damage your hair.

Use Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera

Since ancient times Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera have been known and widely used for their cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. Using these ingredients help detoxify your scalp of sweat and other settling chemicals. They also avoid itchy scalp in summers.

These were 6 of the most easy-to-follow but extremely-efficient-tips to ensure your hair care during the summers remains uncompromised.

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