Best Hair Tips To Protect Your Hair This Summer

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Summer has already come and you have to make sure that your hair looks best. But the terrible sun not only damages your skin but also damages the hair and scalp. The main reasons behind hair damage are more-exposure to damaging sun rays, sweat, sea salt, and chlorinated pool water. Therefore, you need to learn how to guard your hair against sun, heat, and humidity. Here are some tips to protect your hair this summer from sun damage.

1. Get a Fresh Haircut with the onset of summer

Irrespective of the length of your hair, the weather condition of summer can change your hair dry and brittle and it does also not give you a good look. Thus, it is better to start the summer season with a new hair cut and also timely trimming can maintain the good quality of hair and decrease the risk of split ends. Besides these trimming is also one of the tips to protect your hair this summer and also bring back life in damaged hair.

2. Shampoo with Care

Though many people like shampooing their hair regularly, it is not recommendable. But some people like to rinse their hair in cold water without using shampoo to make themselves cool. If you find your hair sweaty, greasy, and smelly, you can use Hair Sanjeevani Mild Detox Shampoo every day. Also, more focus on cleaning the scalp.

3. Use Conditioner

Use of conditioner is another tip to protect your hair this summer. If your hair is already damaged, dry and brittle, moreover you can provide some moisture by using a beneficial, excellent conditioner. Additionally, check it as per the requirement of your hair type and quality.

When you go for a swim in the pool or ocean, apply conditioner or coconut oil before entering into the water. So, you can save your hair from bad effects of chlorine and other chemicals present in the water.

4. Avoid tools that Heat

During summer it is always better to avoid tools like flat irons and blow dryers. As your hair already gets enough heat from the sun, you should stop using these tools. Then, you can slow the blow-dryer and, if required, let your wet hair to air-dry.

5. Do Overnight Hair Treatment

To prepare your hair for summer do an overnight hair treatment. Therefore, you have to apply a small amount of Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic Hair Oil or leave-in conditioner on the roots to tips of the hair. Then cover your hair with a towel and leave it in overnight. The next day you can get soft and smooth hair.

6. Sun Protection 

You always need to avoid direct sunlight for a long duration. If you cannot completely avoid this, wear a hat or cap while going outside. Some may not like to wear a hat or cap, then they can use a leave-in conditioner with SPF.

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