Best Tips For Wavy And Curly Hair Management

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Some people have wavy and curly hair, but they don’t know about curly and wavy hair and its management. Here are simple four-step best tips for wavy and curly hair to take you from wet to all set-in minutes. So, you can master how to style your way or curly hair.

Step One: Cleanse

You can start your treatment with shampoo. Use Hair Sanjeevani mild detox shampoo for curly hair. Then, cleanse with conditioners that contain less harsh lathering agents and also use moisturizers than traditional formulas. If you have very tight curls, you should shampoo only once a week. But those with wavier textures can cleanse two or three times a week. Then, apply conditioner two to three inches far from the scalp, to avoid weighing down your texture.

Step Two: Prepare

Apply Hair Sanjeevani therapeutic hair oil and also a natural conditioner and “rake and shake” them through moist hair using your fingers. If you hold your fingers closer to each other when gathering, the resultant curls will be tighter.

Step Three: Style

Always do air-dry to preserve the moisture and integrity of curly hair. Additionally, it is of utmost necessity to use a heat-protectant spray if your hair is chemically processed. To diffuse your hair softly, leave it across the top of the diffuser, and blow from the bottom of the hair.

Step Four: Treat

In every two weeks, give a deep treatment to “feed” your hair. This strengthens the root of your strands, which produces healthier-looking curls. Use Curls Mask with hydrating Hair Sanjeevani therapeutic oil and shea butter.

Retrain Your Curls

It’s easy to let your hair go against the grain when you’re longing change.

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