Effective And Viral Home Remedies To Treat Dry Hair

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Lifeless hair can turn out to be a major disaster. Does your hair lie in the same category? If yes then you are definitely missing out on so many good ad effective home remedies to treat dry hair.

Haven’t tried yet? We will give you a glimpse and insightful knowledge of how these DIY’s are helpful for your hair. Dull and damaged hair are no ways your choice and we have the perfect solutions to treat it.


Reasons behind dull and dry hair – Treat them with powerful home remedies

But, before that, it is very important to consider the reason behind dry, dull and frizzy hair. Here are some causes you guys can relate to.

1 – Less intake of protein.

2 – Lack of Omega-3 fatty acids.

3 – Taking an unbalanced diet.

4 – Treating hair with chemicals frequently.

5 – Using too much heat in your hair.

Dear people these are some of the causes of dull, dry and frizzy hair. You can’t agree more to the fact that these causes lead to intense hair fall. So, how are you now gonna treat it?

Home Remedies to get rid of dull ad frizzy hair

We have the best home remedies which will work as an amazing treatment for your hairs. However, being consistent and patience is the key. So, let us jump directly into the mind-boggling DIY’s.

1. Curd & Avocado are best friends

Are you thinking to eat it? But, wait for people. This effective DIY hair mask is going to change the way your hairs look. Avocado has multiple vitamins which are very beneficial for hair growth. Curd is a natural conditioner and you just can’t get enough of it.

Curd and avocado hair mask - Home remedies to treat dull hair

For this DIY mash avocado with yoghurt and mix it really well. The smooth paste can now be applied on hairs. After keeping the mask for good one hour wash it with hair Sanjeevani Detox Shampoo. It will cleanse your scalp nicely and will ensure that there is no residue left.

2. Aloe Gel & Vitamin E

Aloe Vera gel is one of the most raved and hyped ingredients for hair care. Are you confused about the ways to use it? Well, here’s a quick DIY which will turn your hair from ugly to fab.

Home remedies for frizzy hair - Aloe vera gel and vitamin E

Scrape the Aloe Vera gel from the plant and pour it in a bowl. Now, add 3 capsules of vitamin E oil in it. By popping the capsule one can extract Vitamin E oil. Mix both of them and voila! This simple yet effective DIY for your hair is ready.

3.Egg Hair Mask with Magical Hair Oil

An egg has loads of protein and other beneficial nutrients for our hair. The Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic Hair Oil is another astonishing and very propitious one. It has a blend of Vedic ancient and modern herbs which work really well for your hairs.

Egg and Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic hair Oil

To continue with this DIY break an egg or two and mix it with the miraculous Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic Oil. Both the ingredients have loads of potent and one should definitely try this DIY.

4. Banana & Honey for ultimate nourishment

Banana is filled with some amazing benefits for your hair. Are you aware of it? Both the ingredients of this hair mask are amazing for nourishing the scalp and making it squeaky clean.

Banana and Honey Hair mask - home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

Take a bowl and mash the banana. If you see lumps grind it. Now mix 2 tsp of honey into it and mix both of them really well. The amazing blend of both the potent ingredients will make your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free.

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