Experts Recommend Sulfate-Free Anti Hair Fall Shampoo! Do You Know Why?

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‘Sulfate free Shampoo’ is the latest buzz word in the hair care and grooming industry. While, concerns regarding using of chemical rich hair products have always been in talks, not much was done to produce alternative measures. For example, With time, though some progress has been made to make sulfate free shampoo for best anti hair fall shampoo available still the shampoo shelves of the supermarkets are  are ruled by  chemical (majorly Sulfate) products.

Considering the adverse effects of chemical infused hair care products and growing demand of safe products, salons and grooming centers have also started offering sulfate-free products. It has become quite common among buyers to check the back of the shampoo bottle if it is or not a Sulfate-free one. 

What is Sulfate?

Sulfates are sulfur containing mineral salts. Tey have been present in shampoos from time as back as the invention of shampoo itself.  The most common are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Sulfates are cleansing items that have been majorly used while producing soaps, toothpaste, floor cleaners, and shampoos. 

Shampoos which contain sulphates are responsible for bringing up the lathering effect and rinse away excess dirt or oil from the hair scalp. Sulfates act as a surfactant which helps in reducing water surface tension.

What is the problem in using Sulfate shampoos - best anti hair fall shampoo?

The advocates of natural products have been proclaiming their apprehensions with the use of Sulfate products. Though nothing has been proved as of now, health practitioners predict that shampoos with Sulfates have a knack for causing cancer-related disorders.

These compounds are known to be carcinogenic – however, nothing has been proved with research papers and thesis from scientists. A few shampoos that are known to have ethanolamine lauryl Sulfatepossess cancer-causing nitrosamines.

In the first case, Sulfates are not bad detergents to cleanse your hair. However, excess use of Sulfatesleads to irritation in the skin and hair scalp. This eventually results in severe damage of the overall health of one’s hair. The hair cells seem to be dead and the growth of new hair is also hindered. 

This is the reason the increasing number of health practitioners harp on the usage of naturally produced hair care products which don’t come with any side effects. 

Skin Type: Which One Is Yours ?

At first, it is recommended for all to avoid products having sulfates. However, Sulfate or not – your hair and skin type determine whether you may use shampoos with sulfate. Sulfate-free shampoos are recommended for one and all. In case, you have sensitive skin, sulfates will add on and increase the sensitivity of your skin. 

It is true that sulfates in shampoos clean dirt and excess oil in your hair. However, we cannot ignore the fact that sulfate in shampoos also strips the hair of moisture and important hair nourishing elements.

Do you colour your hair ?

We all have heard about hair colours having a damaging effect on one’s hair. If you love colouring your hair, you will admire sulfate free shampoos as they help in maintaining the hair condition. It is not the colour you apply on your hair that is wholly responsible for reduction of hair and hair growth. It is the friction that is caused between sulfate and hair colour that weakens the hair scalp. 

Simply put, sulfates may not seem that harmful but its regular usage triggers several causes of hair damage. Therefore, it will be prudent if we stop using shampoos with sulfates and switch to naturally produced chemical-free shampoos. Hair Sanjeevani Mild Detox Shampoo  is a shampoo without sulfates and harmful mineral oils. Its mild shampoo base fortified with onion oil, castor oil, neem and other herbs cleanses and protect hair.

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