Having Dry and Frizzy Hair? Your Hair’s Porosity May Be Responsible!

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Our Hair is not an organ of the human body still who will deny their importance in our life. As per a survey, 86% Indians of age 28 to 38 years agreed that the good hair is their confidence booster. The porosity of hair defines the moisture content and subsequently overall hair health. The lack of moisture leads to dry and frizzy hair.

The term hair porosity simply means the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture which avoids dry and frizzy hair.  An outer layer called cuticle facilitates this. Cuticle regulates the movement of moisture through hair. Low porosity occurs when the cuticle binds them tightly stopping the free movement of moisture or oil. Exposure of the scalp to heat or living in the chemical-rich environment causes this situation. Similarly, high porosity allows moisture to go fast and makes your hair dry and frizzy.

Low as well as too high porosity may be one of the reasons for your damaged hair but don’t worry, we have some wonderful tips below to get optimum porosity of your hair :

Adopting a pre-poo routine

 The first thing I suggest to anyone who has low porosity is getting started with a pre-poo routine. Hair pre-poo treatment is referred to applying shampoo to your hair and then leaving them undisturbed for 15-20 minutes before washing them. This helps in restoring moisture and provides much-required nutrition to your hair and scalp.

Conditioning your hair deeply

 I have always stayed with the point that one of the best things which help in retaining hair moisture is the deep conditioning of your hair. In addition, researchers have also suggested that performing deep conditioning with the natural heat will show you high results. The natural heat can be obtained by covering your hair with some plastic cover or a hat. Usage of a steamer or a dryer should be avoided.

Using water-based moisturizers

  Like they say’Water is the best moisturizer’. A water-based moisturizer reaches very roots of your hair and the skin to remove the unwanted chemicals properly. And it can always do greats to your hair when compared to regular moisturizers in case of low porosity.

Light oils are good friends

Argan oil, sunflower oil, castor oil and onion oil are some of the highly recommend oils to be used. These oils are rich in skin-loving ingredients, which mean they are efficient in maintaining a balanced amount of moisture in your hair. Hair Sanjeevani products use these oils in the right mixture.

Avoid chemical rich styling products

Who would not agree that using chemical rich styling products is like damaging hair permanently for a few moments of glory? And these products are surely not recommended if you have dry hair and frizzy hair with low porosity. These products stay on the outer of your hair thus failing to provide the required amount of moisture to your hair which causes dryness.
Products from Hair Sanjeevani are made from 36 different ancient and modern global herbs which nourish, moisturize and repair your damaged hair. Its five action formula works to lock the moisture of your hair and prevent dry and frizzy hair.

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