How To Find The Best Sulphate Free Shampoo For Your Hair?

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Pampering your hair with a hot oil massage is something everyone loves. Applying a therapeutic hair oil relieves stress, tension and makes your hair game strong. But, between all this are you not focusing on your shampoo? It is advised to use a sulphate free shampoo to bring your hair back to life.

Your hair may behave nicely when you start with chemical infused shampoo. But, in the long run, it will damage your hair and will make it rough and frizzy.

hair problem

To combat this situation you need to jump into a hair care routine which is free from chemicals. You can opt for so many chemical-free products. But there are so many things that must be considered before prioritizing it as chemical-free.

So, here’s a guide to select the best sulphate free shampoo for your hair. Not only will it rejuvenate your hair but will also strengthen it to the core.

Look for Ingredients

If this is your first time switching the shampoos then we advise you to look for ingredients. Ingredients in any shampoo matters a lot. They decide and classifies the shampoo as chemical-free or not.

Hair Sanjeevani Herbs- Amla, Bhringaraj, Onion, Reetha, Green Coffee, Shea Butter, Castor Oil

The one which has phenomenal ingredients like a red onion hair oil. olive oil, castor oil, green coffee and shea butter is the best. The presence of these ingredients detoxify your scalp and makes it clean and fresh. Shea butter helps in hydrating and nourishing the dry and rough hair.

Always keep an eye on the price range of Sulphate free shampoo

Many of you are new to these shampoos which are infused with natural, organic and herbal ingredients. So, a point that you must keep in mind is the price range of these shampoos. It is often observed that people sell chemical-based products by the name of natural and herbal shampoo.

It usually happens when their prime need is sales and that’s why the prices of such shampoos are very low. So, always opt for one which has decent pricing and is certified.

Certification is a must

Some shampoos which have chemicals in them aren’t certified by the values. But, if your concern is trying a sulphate free shampoo then check the certifications. It is very important to prioritize the certification that a brand has achieved.

Decode your hair type

You have to decode and determine your hair type before the race to select the best shampoo ends. So, analyze your hair type. It may be normal, dry, frizzy or oily as well. It all depends on you and your analysis.

Hair Sanjeevani Mild Detox Sulfate Free Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Is there a question in your mind that why are we determining our hai type? Well, dear readers, it is very important to understand your hair type. It is because when you know your hair type you can select the products which have ingredients that will benefit your hair.

Smoothening & Hydration – Is this your concern

There are various concerns related to our hair and if hydration and smoothening are yours then pay attention here. Smoothening and hydration call out for ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil and aloe vera.

So, opt for a shampoo that has these ingredients enriched in maximum percentage. The sulphate free shampoo which has these ingredients will do magic to your hair.

Detoxification & Clarification in a Sulphate Free Shampoo

Your hair type may be oily and itchy so you need to look up for certain ingredients in your haircare routine. Some of the helpful ingredients are green coffee, red onion, amla, reetha, shikakai and neem.

Search for the shampoo which has these ingredients. It will detoxify your hair and will clean it thoroughly.

A sulphate free shampoo which solves all your above concerns is difficult to find. But, fret not as we have a miraculous shampoo which is enriched with all the potent ingredients. The Hair Sanjeevani Mild Detox Shampoo is the one you should get your hands on.

Not only does it boosts your hair growth but also combats all the above concerns. It is infused with 36 best quality herbs which are phenomenal for your hair. So, opt smartly for this sulphate free shampoo and you won’t regret your choice anytime soon.

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