How To Pamper Your Hair Intensely During Quarantine?

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Being at home and enjoying the quarantine period? Well, now is the time to concentrate on haircare sessions that you often overlooked because of busy schedules. This lockdown has given you several way to pamper yourselves and take care of your hair.

Here are some simple techniques or home remedies that you can try during quarantine to achieve impeccable hair. These uncomplicated haircare tips will be very beneficial for your dry and frizzy hairs.

Indulge with the goodness of DIY hair masks – Quarantine haircare

So, finally step into your kitchen to feel the goodness of raw ingredients. DIY or home remedies have proved to be fruitful for your hairs. Quarantine has given us the admittance to claim our free time and, exercise it effectively to pamper ourselves.

Easy hair masks that you can prepare during self-quarantine.

If you have dry hairs with rough ends and split ends then, this mask is for you. Peel and mash a banana and apply it on your damp hair. It nourishes your hair and makes it smooth and soft.

Best Hair Growth Mask to try in quarantine

For your oily and dandruff prone hair try this hair mask. In a bowl mix coconut oil, lemon and honey. Mix these ingredients really well and apply it on your hair. This hair mask conditions your hair and eradicates dandruff and itchy scalp.

If you don’t have access to so many ingredients then, mix olive oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil. This overnight treatment will work blazingly well for all hair types.

Start your day with Champi aka Massages

Pamper sessions never hurt. You can carry on this chill time for your champi sessions. We have different ways for you all to do massage at home and make your hair silky, smooth and soft.

Hot Oil Hair Massage - Champi in quarantine

Therapeutic oil nourishment during the quarantine

Are you skipping your oiling sessions because quarantine is making you lazy and bored? Well, indulge yourselves in some hot oil nourishment By using Therapeutic Hair growth Oil.

Warm the oil in a pan and do a massage for about 10-20 minutes. It will induce the blood circulation which in turn makes your hair healthy. The strength of your hair makes a comeback by doing a typical grandma’s way of champi.

Spritz the plant extracts based hydrosols – Easy quarantine activity

“If you are new to me, let me introduce myself”. Says hydrosol. Hydrosols are plant-based water which is free from Essential oils. They help in rejuvenating your scalp and makes it dandruff free.

Hair spray and hydrosols

So, you can indulge in a champi or massage session with a hydrosol too. Just spritz Hibiscus, Peppermint or Curry leaves hydrosol on your scalp before washing your hair. Doing this will rejuvenate your hair and, will make it free from dandruff and itchiness.

So, the intense haircare routine has finally ended now. What do you guys think? How are you all pampering yourself in this lockdown? Do share your ideas with us.

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