How to take care of hair after hard water wash?

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Sometimes, irrespective of different hair care treatments our hair simply doesn’t cooperate. It can be dry ends in the winter or too much frizz in the summer. So, it is difficult to predict what type of hair troubles you’ll come across. But, you must not know that the problem is in your home’s hard water. In this article, we discuss to take care of your hair after hard water wash.

The hardness or softness of water can affect your hair. The minerals present in hard water may make you feel your hair straw-like. It is because when hard water comes in contact with shampoo, it makes a curd-like substance that sticks to the hair. Then, if you shampoo more frequently to remove the soapy like substance, it sticks more and your hair becomes dry, coarse, and frizzy and also dandruff-like substance is found. Here are some tips that can help you overcome the hard water problems.

1. Use a good quality shampoo

If you want your hair looking great and behaving well, then wash with Hair Sanjeevani mild detox shampoo. It is somehow different than daily shampoo. It removes excess oil from your hair and scalp.

This shampoo helps reduce stubborn residue and mineral buildup from your hair. Thus, to combat hard water hair, you should use Hair Sanjeevani mild detox shampoo two times per month.

2. Make Vinegar Rinse

A vinegar rinse is a major solution for protecting your hair against hard water. Because vinegar is acidic and it removes the scaly residue of minerals like magnesium and calcium from your hair. You can use distilled white vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is good for this rinse. Therefore, combine 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 3 cups of water and apply I on the scalp after shampooing and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing the hair. As it maintains the moisture in your hair, apply this rinse after every wash.

3. Use a water softener

You can also install a water softener for long-lasting, continual results. It can ease flat or oily hair resulted in hard water.

Water softeners help remove calcium and magnesium from water. Thus by installing a softener, you can get soft water and smooth, manageable hair. Soft water needs less soap and you can do fewer rinses to accomplish the best results. Additionally, your hair will preserve its color and smoothness for much longer. Besides these, soft water balances your hair’s pH level. So you get silky and smooth hair after each wash. Also, soft water can help to decrease topical issues like eczema explodes and dry skin. 

4. Rinse with Bottled or Filtered Water

One more option to protect your hair from hard water is to rinse with bottled water and also filtered water. You can use it for a final rinse in your shower. If you fail to install a water softener, you can use bottled water. Thus, you can avoid your hair’s harshness from excessive mineral buildup.

5. Finish off with Hair Sanjeevani therapeutic oil.

If hard water has dried out your hair, Hair Sanjeevani therapeutic oil will re-establish the moisture immediately. Therefore, take some Hair Sanjeevani therapeutic oil and apply to damp hair after-shower and style. Additionally, you can apply oil all over your hair. Remember excess oil application on the roots may cause unwanted greasiness.

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