Pamper Your Frizzy Hair With A Hot Oil Massage – Best Hair Fall Control Oil

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Going to a party and your hairs look frizzy? Well, that’s not done. A hot champi using best hair fall control oil can be propitious. Hot oil massage is like pampering your hairs and nourishing them with loads of goodness.

Our childhood went ahead when we used to beg our mother not to apply hair oil on our hair. But ladies and gentlemen do you know hair loss can arrive anytime soon? Hair fall and hair loss are problems which take a hell lot of time to cure.

With hair loss comes the problem of dry, dull and frizzy hair. One must take good care of their hair to avoid such hair concerns.

Are you one of them who is experiencing extreme hair loss? Our sources reveal that there are different reasons why people encounter hair fall and concerns. Here are some of the major reasons.

1. Using too much heat

Women often blow dry their hair and even style it using hot iron. Yes, it looks appealing and enchanting. But, is it good in the long run. We don’t think so. Blow dryers can definitely damage your hair and make them frizzy. Frizzy hair, in turn, causes hair fall. Then arrives the need to use a good hair growth oil.

2. Hot water for hair wash

Washing hair with hot water is good for your hairs. But, water which is too hot to pour should not be used while rinsing hairs. It can damage the hair severely and make it frizzy. This is one of the main reasons why our hair become frizzy and dull.

3. Improper Diet

It doesnt matters how good best hair fall control oil you are using. If your diet is unbalanced & imperfect it will eventually surpass in your hairs. Your hair will behave abnormally if your diet is unhealthy. One must include leafy, green vegetables and fruits in their diet.

4. Washing hair frequently

Outdoor hanging is the best time to spend. But, are you washing your hair too often for such hangouts? Well, this can prove to be the erroneous decision for you and your hair vitality. People who wash hair frequently are prone to frizzy hair and intense hair fall.

These reasons might be helpful for everyone to know whether they are still doing these mistakes or not. Our belief is to cure these problems using chemical and hair fall control oil and shampoo.

One must focus on hot oil massage to get rid of these hair concerns. Are you willing to know how the best hair growth oil massage can help you? Continue reading as we reveal the best techniques to tackle your hair concerns.

Hot Oil Massage with Best Hair Fall Control Oil

Massaging your hairs help in opening the cuticles of the hair and making the hair even stronger. For astonishing and conducive hair growth one must use the best hair growth oil which is free from chemicals.

Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Oil comes to the rescue when everything fails. Just a good massage using this hair growth oil is all you need and voila! You’re done. Below are some tricks and steps on how to do a good hot oil massage (Champi).

  • Pour the hair growth oil in a bowl according to your hair length.

  • Now using double boiling method warm your oil. Dip one of your fiinger to check if it is lukewarm and not hot.

  • Now, take the bowl out and start with your hair.

  • Hair fall can take place now so one has to be very careful. Detangle your hair and dip your fingertips in oil.

  • Start massaging the scalp at first. Circular motions with minimal pressure must be done in order to benefit most from the hair growth oil.

  • Massage the scalp for about 5-7 minutes. Now move on to the hair length and apply the hair growth oil.

The entire procedure will take about 20 minutes but trust me it will be worth it. This hot oil massage using Hair Sanjeevani Hair Growth Oil will tame all the frizziness in your hair. It will also take care of the dullness and dryness that you experience on a daily basis.

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