Hair Sanjeevani- Hair Growth Regime – Hair Fall Control & Growth Stimulating Oil and Shampoo Kit

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Hair Sanjeevani – Hair Growth Regime is a holistic hair care formula with essential oils and herbs that solves your hair problems with the following actions :

  •  First & most importantly Stimulate Hair Follicles
  •  Promotes healthy hair grow faster
  •  Prevent Hair Loss
  •  Removes Dandruff
  •  Repairs split hair, hair thinning
  •  Checks Premature Greying

Hair Sanjeevani-Therapeutic Hair Oil (Qty: 200ml)

  •  A unique and effective hair growth oil
  •  Formulated with ancient Vedic and modern global herbs
  •  Ancient herbs are rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, glycerides which nourish and stimulate your hair roots
  •  The modern global herbs have anti-inflammatory, emollient, and humectant properties which moisturize, repair and shield your hair

Hair Sanjeevani- Mild Detox Shampoo (Qty: 200ml)

  •  Age-old vedic and modern global herbs prepare your scalp for hair growth.
  •  With its mild and sulphate free shampoo base, it controls hair damage
  •  Deep cleanses harmful toxins, dust, dirt, soot and other chemicals
  •  It forms a protective layer on your hair which locks the moisture in your hair.

Our Key Herbs:

★ Onion Oil ★ Argan Oil ★ Bhringaraj Extract  Aloe Vera ★ Castor Oil  Hibiscus Extract  Amla ★ Reetha ★ Shikakai ★ Brahmi ★ Shea Butter ★ Mango Butter ★ Green Coffee ★ Fenugreek (Methi)  Black Seed Oil ★ Lemon  Neem Oil ★ Basil  Coconut Oil   Arnica ★ Casia ★ Vitamin E  Ginseng ★ Gotu Kala ★ Henna ★ Jatamansi  Licorice  Mango Butter ★ Marsh Mallow ★ Pipalli  Ratanjot  Rosery Pea  Sandalwood Oil  Sunflower Oil and more.

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