The Secret to Healthy Hair for Kids & Babies

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We know you always wanted to healthy hair for kids. During birth, children have soft, shiny black and thin hair. Gradually, children lose their hair, more from the back, because of the constant rubbing against the crib mattress. This is a natural phenomenon and not worrisome at all. Children those have plenty of hair, change within the first year. And then starts the actual hair growth and this texture usually stays forever.

0-6 Months

When the baby is a newborn or less than 6 months old, hair fall or bald patches are normal. Due to friction with the mattress Baby hair tends to get withdrawn.  But these hairs will grow gradually when your baby starts to roll over and crawl.

Sometimes, sudden hair loss occurs and it may because of drop-in hormone levels. If the baby is on breastfeeding, the mother needs to eat healthy food and as a result, the child will get shiny hair once again. Besides this, a healthy baby will have healthy hair.

0-5 Years

Nutrition is the key to healthy hair. But every time we ignore this and concentrate on cosmetics. Therefore, feed your child with nutritious foods which not only helps improve hair but also increases overall immunity. Homemade, freshly cooked, fruits, vegetables and also nuts are important for everybody.

Sometimes brown, yellow or white colour thick greasy patch occurs on the head of your baby. It can be neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis, which is most common. It is known as cradle cap. But it is not contagious. You can massage some coconut oil on it and leave it to soak. Then gently brush off the scales with a brush. You can also use a paste of green gram flour to bathe your baby without using any soap or shampoo. It is better to use good quality olive or coconut oil.

How to grow your baby’s healthy hair?

1. Apply oil to your baby’s hair regularly

Once your child above one year, you can apply oil to his/her hair regularly. In the case of hair problems, you can reduce it. baby oil for a great treat for the scalp and bring healthy hair for kids.

Try to massages softly on the head of your baby as harsh pressure can give damage to them. Additionally, let them enjoy the massaging of oil.

2. Keep the hair clean

You need to wash your child’s hair twice a week. Lukewarm water is good for cleaning of hair. This not only cleans the scalp but also check the infections caused due to dirty hair and skin. You can also use conditioner if you want more silky hair.

3. Using of conditioner

Children who have too curly or bushy hair, can use a kids’ friendly conditioner after shampooing. If the hair is very thin, a drop of conditioner can be sufficient. Thus, you can easily make the hair silky and tame tangles. You can also apply natural conditioners like curd, egg white or hibiscus etc.

4. Managing wet hair

Anybody having wet hair for longer may fall ill of cold and fever. Similarly, children’s case is no different. So, you have to dry their wet hair use soft clean towels and gently rub the baby’s head with it. Avoid too harsh rubbing otherwise the hair follicles on the head get damaged.

5. Feed with nutritious foods

Iron is a major requirement for the proper growth of healthy hair for kids and it can also stop breakages due to brittleness. Besides this, it is also needed for the baby’s neurological growth. Your baby can get iron from natural food. Similarly, protein and essential amino acids are needed for the baby’s overall growth. Almonds are a great source of proteins and amino acids. You can apply almond oil to your baby’s hair too.

6. Haircare

Always use a soft wide-toothed brush to groom the baby as his hair is finer than adults. Otherwise, it can get damaged easily. If the baby is a girl, avoid using headbands and other barrettes as these can cause more hair loss. When the baby is going out in the Sun, give him a cap.

Hair Sanjeevani products are made with pure essential oils which may react with higher sensitive skin of babies & kids. And we recommend our products only for children above 13 years of age. We also recommend doing a patch test before using any beauty product.

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