Best Tips To Reduce Hair Split Ends For Men

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At the end of the summer season, usually, people find their hairs get damaged and also find dry hair with split ends. It is the result of sun, wind, and less care during those hot months. Besides these, split ends in the hair of men can be the result of weak hair and excess styling with the application of heat. As the split ends make you feel embarrassed, you have to focus more on your hair to avoid those split ends.

Proper care can reduce split ends in the hair of men. Here are some remedies to avoid split ends.  

Quality heating tools

Today, many men like to use hair grooming tools for styling their hair. But you should be more careful during choosing such equipment in place of buying cheap items that also have unsuitable heat settings and these usually harm your hair causing in split ends. Moreover, a blow dryer is one such equipment that more and more men use. Thus, you need to pick for an affordable one of the famous brands.


Like women, men’s hair care not only depends on grooming products but also, they need to follow a good healthy diet. The daily diet should contain all vital nutrients including folic acid and biotin. Thus, foods like green leafy veggies, soybeans, brown rice, lentils, oranges, walnuts can help in improving and strengthening your hair.

Be patient

Many men, do not think twice before applying anything on their hair. So, without checking the disadvantages, grooming with such equipment and also other men hair care products may cause a lot of damage. Additionally, quick use of dryer or application of too much heat to flatten your hair may result in frazzled hair problems.

Appropriate Blow-drying

After a shower, you should blow-dry your hair in a cautious and moderate way. Thus, your hair will not get damaged due to heat and un-appropriate way. Besides this, you should opt for natural drying, preferably up to 80-90%, and then can use the Blow-dryer. Also, use it cautiously by controlling the nozzle and heat control to facilitate drying in a controlled manner.

Cut regularly

You need to cut your hair regularly. Irrespective of excess precautions and care you take to check split ends, they come to every little while. If you trim them frequently, you can reduce the spread of split ends before they get worse and damage more hair.

Use a shampoo and hair oil

Besides the above tips, use of a quality shampoo and good hair oil can restructure, repair, hydrate, nourish or moisturize the hair. Hair Sanjeevani Mild Detox Shampoo and Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic Hair Oil are designed to provide extra moisture, vitamins, and proteins, to your hair and as a result, make it healthier and stronger. These will help manage split ends and stop the split from going further up the hair channel.

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