Want Effective Herbal Hair Growth Oil? Find How to Choose One!

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Rahul wanted to choose effective herbal hair growth oil. After a lot of deliberation and high expectations to reduce his hair fall, and improve hair growth, he bought one from a famous brand.

However, after using for a few weeks, he is completely disappointed as the herbal oil has not produced the desired results. Does this the story seem familiar to yours as well?

Your trials with different hair care products have only brought you nothing but disappointment? While you may be having doubts over Ayurveda and it’s effectiveness, there are many reasons responsible for your bad experience:

Harsh Chemicals

Yes ! you read it correctly. Even the most famous and talked about ayurvedic or herbal brands may have harmful chemicals which damage your hair more than doing any good. We strongly recommend reading the label before using any of the products available in the market without blindly trusting the brand.

Parabens & Preservatives

Parabens are used in beauty products as preservatives. There are six types of parabens present in cosmetics namely methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, isopropyl-, butyl-, and isobutyl parabens. They increase the shelf life of the products by checking the growth of bacteria and moulds.

Parabens imitate the hormone estrogen and affect its production. So, next time while choosing effective ayurvedic hair growth oil go for the paraben-free oil for your hair such as Hair Sanjeevani.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is ‘comedogenic’ and may clog the scalp pores and affect scalp circulation. This is made by refining petroleum products. The refining process is never 100% accurate and there are always other chemicals and impurities are left in the mineral oils.

In hair oils, its use is as a cheap lubricant. While mineral oil reduces the cost of the product, it also reduces the effectiveness of ayurvedic hair oil and damages your hair. Some of the famous hair oil brands use mineral oil much as 45%.

hair fall control oil and shampoo

Hair Sanjeevani uses best quality ayurvedic herbs, essential oils and herbal extracts. We at Hair Sanjeevani take pride that we don’t use mineral oil in Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic Hair Oil or Mild Detox Shampoo.

No wonder Hair Sanjeevani is the most effective herbal hair oil & shampoo.

Poor Quality of Ingredients & Process

The quality of ingredients and production process determines the effectiveness of any ayurvedic product. Hair Sanjeevani uses organic, cold-pressed natural essential oils and carrier oils which have 30% more micronutrients than conventional oils.

Herbs Selection

Ayurveda defines all dosha into three categories- Kapha, Pitta and Vata. The selection of herbs is based on the doshas. Some times the poor selection of herbs leads to dosha unbalancing instead of pacifying it.

Hair Sanjeevani uses classical, ancient ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai, Reetha, Aloe-vera (Ghritkumari), essential oils and herbal extracts to nourish follicles, balance scalp and doshas.

Modern Herbs

Our modern-day lifestyle and environment bring all-new challenges to our hair health. To deal with these challenges it is important to tweak our approach. Hair Sanjeevani uses modern herbs along with ayurvedic herbs which help curb effects of pollution, chemicals and water impurities etc.

Combination of products

Last but not least it may not be the fault of your hair oil for its poor performance. Your choice and usage of other chemical-rich products like serums, shampoos or hair dryers may also be impacting the results.

That’s why we recommend the use of Hair Sanjeevani Therapeutic Hair Oil & Sulphate Free Shampoo together which work in synergy and help you get strong, healthy and shiny hair.

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