Hair Sanjeevani and Science

2 X Power of Ancient Knowledge & Modern Science

The challenges posed by the modern lifestyle and our current environmental surroundings cannot be dealt with the help of Ayurveda alone. While ancient herbs from vedas are still effective to balance internal doshas they alone are not sufficient to fight with the modern evils of air & water pollution, chemicals, toxins and other such hazardous elements that our hair are exposed to.

This is where Hair Sanjeevani comes in. Hair Sanjeevani is a powerful hair care regime made with thirty six ancient ayurvedic and newly discovered herbs to solve the root cause of modern-day hair issues like dandruff, hair fall and hair damages.

Formulated Based on 5000 Years Old Vedic Science

Ayurveda is an ancient science that has prevailed the tests of time and has been passed down the generations since ages. Sages like Charak and Sushruta achieved feats that seem impossible today without the use of advanced medical technologies. The Ancient Science of Ayurveda remains acutely relevant in the modern world due to its principles of harmony, purity, simplicity and true focus on physical, emotional and spiritual health. Ayurveda describes three types of prakruti and doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. For hair fall and other hair issues alleviated Vata & Pitta doshas are primarily responsible. In Hair Sanjeevani, we use herbs described to pacify the vataja & Pittaja and provide nourishment to hair roots and stimulate inactive follicles.

Dynamic Herb Customization

We have left no stone unturned during our research and effort to provide a hair care regime which solves all your hair issue right at its root cause. We have 36 herbs which we customize based on your every individuals exposure to pollution namely air, water heat and work environment.

We use real time data of air pollution daily for hundreds of locations across India and basis that customize herbs for a two months period. We also use water related contaminations across India and also type of water used by every individual to suggest and customize herbs based on and details of water pollution at various locations.

Best Quality Herbs

We go extra miles when it come to sourcing the herbs because the best quality herbs bring the best results for your hair. We source organic herbs from their native lands like Bhringaraj, Reetha, Shikakai, Hibiscus from Shivalik Himalayas, Shea Butter from West Africa, Jojoba Oil from California USA, Amla from Pratapgarh and Sandalwood oil from Australia to name a few.

Advanced Preparation Process

We use best possible methods and well defined operating procedures to ensure quality and efficiency of the product at every stage right from sourcing of herbs and raw material, distillation, mixing, packaging and delivery. Hair Sanjeevani has achieved some of the most renowned certifications as below:
GMP Certified-Hair Sanjeevani
Kosher-Hair Sanjeevani
USDA Organic Hair Sanjeevani

All Good No Bad

Hair Sanjeevani contains the goodness of natural and herbal ingredients and doesn’t contain any harmful substances.
Paraben Free-Hair Sanjeevani
Sulphate Free-Hair Sanjeevani Shampoo
Organic Product-Hair Sanjeevani
Mineral Oil Free-Hair Sanjeevani

Formulated By Ayurvedic Doctors

Dr. Ruchi Arora 

Ayurvedic Medicine Practioner 

Sanskriti Clinics 

With More than 6 years of extensive experience in beauty & wellness.